Wildflowers and Weeds for Master Naturalist, April 28, 2018, 9 am – Noon

This is a beautiful time of year to be in the woods!  Join me to learn about the incredible spring ephemeral wildflowers and those things we call “weeds”.  This program is open to the public, but you must pre-register.

Left to right… Sharplobe Hepatica, Blue-eyed Mary and Bloodroot (All photos (c) Bill Beatty)

Learn the major groups and important families of flowering plants.  Discover basic terms for describing flowering plants as well as how to collect and preserve plants.  Identifying flowering plants using field guides and keys will also be covered, as well as approaches to further study, including helpful references.  This class will meet at the zoo, then drive to the woods surrounding West Liberty University.  Participants will provide their own transportation to West Liberty.

4 thoughts on “Wildflowers and Weeds for Master Naturalist, April 28, 2018, 9 am – Noon

    • Hi Donna … At one time I used to spend the month of July teaching classes in Summers Co., at the Pence Springs Hotel. And once a year for 3 days I trained teachers (from all over the state) at Pikeview H.S. in Mercer Co. I did this for 13 years. Currently my teaching is local in the Northern Panhandle and also at State Park venues … Blackwater Falls, Canaan Valley, Northbend and even Twin Falls in the past. Right now I do not have anything scheduled in the southern part of West Virginia. I will be teaching classes and leading field trips at the Wildflower Pilgrimage (this is on my blog) and West Virginia Bird Discovery Weekend (this will soon appear on my blog), both at Blackwater Falls. If you do make it to any of my classes, please introduce yourself. Bill


  1. Bill it would be great to see the WV wildflowers again, but out here in Idaho/Wyoming we still have a pretty heavy snow cover left on the ground.

    You will be surprised my son Gregory is an intern Naturalist at Long Lake Conservation Center in Minnesota. I was your intern way back almost 40 years ago!


  2. Bo… I do remember back almost 40 years. I’ll never forget the wildflower/tree map you plotted and put on my desk the night before you left. That was a very special gift for the Nature Center and me. When I hear from people with whom I have had a part in their path in life, it pleases me greatly. It’s nice to know your son is following in your footsteps. Next Tuesday I am speaking to a birding group in Athens, OH … it was arranged by a former intern of mine… “back almost 40 years.” If you ever find yourself back east please do contact me. It would be nice to see you. Bill


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