Why Native Plants Matter… Tuesday, March 14 at 6:30 pm for the Master Gardeners

I will be presenting this program for the Master Gardeners of Ohio County.  The program is not open to the public… it is for Master Gardeners members only.  Join and you can attend.  Additional information about the Master Gardener’s program can be found here: http://ohio.ext.wvu.edu/master_gardeners


Left to right… American Yew… Sugar Maple… Deciduous Forest…  all photos (c) Bill Beatty

Preserving native plant communities is essential to conserving a healthy earth for all creatures including people.  Native, naturalized, introduced and invasive plants will be discussed. This program will identify issues and problems.  Ideas and resources will show people how to become part of the solution.  Many local native plant and animal photos will highlight the topic.


Left to right… Red Admiral Butterfly on Purple Coneflower… Andrened Bee on Wingstem… Honeybee on New England Aster…  all photos (c) Bill Beatty